Robots have revolutionized manufacturing, law enforcement, waste management, and other industries. Here’s what robots are doing in the operating room. Keep reading to learn how robotic surgery is changing the game and benefiting you.

Surgery is a big deal. It involves cutting you open and exposing you to a laundry list of complications, not to mention the massive hospital bills and weeks spent in recovery.

It doesn’t have to be that way – now you can get the surgical treatment you need without sacrificing other areas of your health (or your wallet and routine).

Here, our team of doctors at Marina OB/GYN highlights just five of the ways da Vinci® robotic surgery benefits you.

1. Robotic surgery is minimally invasive

Because we don’t need to fit our hands into your body, we create considerably smaller incisions than those involved in traditional surgery. The robotic arm also eliminates human hand instability, reducing accidental nicks or punctures that can cause additional, unnecessary bleeding. The smaller, more precise incisions also equate to less post-op scarring.

We administer general anesthesia before making 3-4 small incisions (around the size of the tip of your pinky). We have 100% control of the robotic arm and the small surgical  instruments.

2. You recover much faster

Everyone recovers at a different rate, but it likely takes your body less time to bounce back from robotic surgery than from traditional open surgery. Most of our patients can go home the same day as their operation and resume their normal activities and routine within a few weeks.

You also save on the high costs of extended inpatient hospital stays and prolonged rehabilitation.

We recommend having a friend or family member drive you home afterward. Once you’re home, get some rest, follow all care instructions, take any prescribed medications, and attend all your follow-up appointments.

You can expect some tenderness at or near the surgical site as you heal, but this should be minimal. Call our team if you experience worsening pain or unusual side effects.

3. There is much less pain and blood

Small, precise incisions reduce the amount of trauma to your body, significantly diminishing the pain you experience during and after your operation, meaning you’re less reliant on prescription pain medication during recovery.


Additionally, blood loss during robotic surgery is minimal, and it’s unlikely you need a transfusion. In traditional surgery, there is a greater risk of blood loss, which can result in complications and extended recovery.

4. There is less chance of infection

Infection is a threat regardless of the type of surgery you have. However, because robotic surgery techniques are less invasive than traditional surgery, there’s a much smaller chance of you developing an infection.

5. We can do a lot with it

Robotic surgery isn’t a one-trick pony — we can use it for a wide variety of health conditions, including but not limited to the following:

We evaluate your candidacy by thoroughly reviewing your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle habits, and medication regimen. We gather data on your vital signs and complete a physical exam, which often includes a pelvic exam, blood work, ultrasounds, Pap test, hysteroscopy, colposcopy, or other diagnostic procedures.

If you’d like more information about robotic surgery or would like to see if you’re a candidate, don’t hesitate to request an appointment online or over the phone at one of our offices in Marina Del Ray, Hawthorne, South Gate, or Carson, California.

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