What is robotic surgery? Robotic surgery is the most advanced technological surgical proceudre available.

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery is the most advanced technological surgical proceudre available. In robotic surgery, Dr. Lipeles uses a Robot called the DaVinci Robot to perform precise safe sugical procedures leading to less risks, faster more accurate surgery that results in a rapid recovery from surgery.

Does the DaVinci Robot perform the surgery?

The DaVinci Robot is simply an extension of the doctors of Marina ObGyn’s eye and hands. The surgeons have complete control of the DaVinci Robot for the entire procedure. The device allows the gynecolgists at Marina obgyn to see the surgical field in 4D. The robot eliminates any redundant movements thus leading to the most precise movements in surgery to ensure the safest procedure possible. Your surgeons will be in the operating room the entire surgery.

How much different is the recover from robotic surgery compared to the more traditional older open surgery?

When surgery is performed by means of Laparotomy (c-section scar / open apporoach), patients tend to recover in about 6-8 weeks and general have to stay in the hospital for 2 days to recover. Following robotic surgery, the patients at Marina ObGyn patient tend to have a full recovery in approx. 2 weeks. After Robotic surgery by the surgeons at Marina ObGyn patient go home the same day of the surgery, eat full meals hours after surgery and are walking to their cars 2 hours following the surgery.

Is Robotic surgery for everyone?

There are a wide variety of surgeries that can be performed with the DaVinci Robot. Some limitations are size of the uterus or fibroids being too big to safely be performed with this style of surgery or if high suspicion for cancer exists.

I heard that Robotic surgery can cause cancer to be spread throughout my body because the uterus or fibroids need to be “morcelated”. Is this true?

The FDA put out a black box warning stating that morcelation of uterus or fibroids should not be done uncontained. Fortunately the Doctors of Marina ObGyn are among a very few collection of advanced surgeons who can perform bag contained morcelation. Thus with this new technique, the uterus and fibroids are placed in a bag prior to being morcelated and thus there is zero spreading of the tissue that was removed. Thus there is not chance of spreading cancer in the body if there is cancer present.

My other Gynecologist wants to do my hysterectomy by cutting me open with a cesarean section cut / laparotomy, How do I know if I’m a candidate for robotic surgery?

Most patients needing hysterectomies or myomectomies are candidates for DaVinci Robotic surgery by the gynecolgist at Marina ObGyn. The best way to find out is to get a copy of your ultrasound and any biopsy results that you have and make a consultation appointment with the highly skilled gynecological surgeons at Marina ObGyn. You can call at 424-336-5027 or schedule online at marinaobgyn.com They have two locations to serve you; Marina Del Rey, CA and Hawthorne, California.

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