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What is birth control?

Birth control includes treatments that prevent pregnancy during sexual activity. Using birth control properly is an effective way to avoid becoming pregnant when you’re not ready. Some forms of birth control are temporary, while others are designed to be long term or even some are permanent. The experts at Marina OB/GYN help you choose a method that matches your lifestyle.

Which type of birth control method is best for me?

Your Marina OB/GYN provider lets you know which type of birth control is right for you after reviewing your lifestyle habits, preference, and medical history. They also check your vital signs, complete a physical exam when necessary, and may order blood tests or other diagnostic tests before personalizing your treatment plan.

What are the different types of birth control?

Some of the most common birth control methods include:

Barrier methods

Barrier methods include male condoms, female condoms, and diaphragms. They’re simple to use, but you must remember to use them every time you engage in sexual intercourse.


Your Marina OB/GYN provider can place birth control implants beneath your skin to release hormones that reduce your risk of getting pregnant

Intrauterine devices (IUDs)

Your specialist places hormonal or non-hormonal IUDs inside your uterus to prevent pregnancy. These devices remain in place for several years or until you want them removed.  IUD’s are the most widely used form of birth control and are the most effective at preventing unplanned pregnancy.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills are among the simplest forms of birth control. However, to be most effective, you must remember to take them exactly as directed.


Birth control rings can be inserted into your vagina monthly. They act in a way that is similar to birth control pills to reduce your risk of getting pregnant.

Permanent birth control

Permanent birth control methods for women include tubal ligation (having your tubes tied), tubal occlusion, and hysterectomy (removal of your uterus). These procedures are considered permanent birth control methods because they aren’t usually reversible. You cannot get pregnant if you’ve had your uterus removed.

What if I decide to get pregnant?

If you’d like to get pregnant, simply stop taking birth control pills or have your provider remove an implant or IUD. If you’ve undergone tubal ligation or occlusion, there’s no guarantee you can become pregnant in the future, even after surgery to reverse the procedure or undergo IVF.

To learn more about the birth control options available at Marina OB/GYN and find one that’s best for you, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.