Whether your labia are a source of discomfort or you simply don’t like their appearance, labiaplasty is an excellent solution. The medical team of experts at Marina OB/GYN in Marina Del Rey, Hawthorne, South Gate, Long Beach, Torrance/ Gardena, Carson & East Los Angeles, CA, provides labiaplasty outpatient procedures to reduce and reshape your labia to give you the comfort and confidence you need. To book a consultation, call the friendly office staff or use the online booking tool today.

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What is labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that alters the size and condition of your labia. You have two sets of labia: the outer lips (labia majora) and the inner lips (labia minora).

Nearly every woman is born with asymetrical labia size (one side larger than the other), shape, and or color.  Over time these asymetries become more pronounced.  However, the degree of these asyemetries can be more pronounced and affective than what is considered normal variation.  Some women have both sides uncomfortably large.  No matter what the asymetry is, labiaplasty aims to make both sides more symetrical or reduce the size of the labia for a more comfortable lifestyle, more confident and comfortable sexual encounters and experience and overall prettier and less annoying labia.

Also, over time, your labia can begin to sag or lengthen because of pregnancy, childbirth, aging, or even injury. Labiaplasty corrects these issues, whether you desire it for practical or aesthetic purposes.

Changing the appearance of your labia can erase years of discomfort or embarrassment. That’s why a labiaplasty can result in a boost of self-confidence, as well.

Is labiaplasty right for me?

You might be a candidate for labiaplasty if you have any of the following:

  • Labia discomfort
  • Excessive tissue over your clitoris
  • Asymmetrical labia
  • Long labia minora (inner lips)
  • Extruding labia minora
  • Excessively large labia majora (outer lips)

Before your surgery, your practitioner talks with you about your needs and goals. They have a personalized approach to provide excellent results for you. You can also have additional surgeries in the same area simultaneously to enhance your overall results, which you can talk about during your consultation.  All this will take place in a safe, private and sensitive setting and conversation.

What can I expect during the labiaplasty procedure?

Before your procedure, the labia is cleaned with iodine and you’re given local anesthesia to ensure you feel nothing.  A complete sterlize technique is used during the procedure to decrease risk of infection.  Once your labia is completely numb, your gynecolgist begins to trim away the portion of excess labia you desire to have removed. Your procedure takes about 1 hour.  We tend to have fun conversation during the procedure to keep you mind off of things.

Once the initial swelling subsides, keep the site clean and wear loose fitting clothes.  Your provider gives you detailed aftercare instructions, so you know exactly what to do. It is crucial that you attend your follow-up appointment to monitor your healing.

What can I expect after labiaplasty?

Your recovery may involve some bruising, tenderness, and swelling. The medical staff at Marina OB/GYN recommends taking a week off from your everyday routine to give you time to heal although some people return to their normal daily activities the next day. You should also abstain from sexual intercourse, excercise, swimming, baths and riding bikes for until you completely recover / heal (which should take about 3 weeks).

To learn more about labiaplasty, reach out to the medical professionals at Marina OB/GYN. Call or book an appointment online today.