It doesn’t matter if you’re in the first days of your first trimester or you’re knocking on the baby’s due date — sleep deprivation is a real problem during pregnancy. So, we’re here with expert hacks to help you hit the hay.

Pregnancy is a thrilling time for a woman. Your body has become a beautiful biological machine, creating and protecting life. With that comes major highs and the potential for some majorly uncomfortable lows (hello, morning sickness).

At least half of pregnant women struggle with sleep at some point (or throughout) their pregnancy, and that’s who this blog is for.

Our team at Marina OB/GYN knows how crucial sleep is to a healthy pregnancy, and we want to ensure every woman has the tools she needs to catch enough zs.

Here’s your ultimate guide to getting the sleep you need and deserve.

1. Make it a priority

Most adults, regardless of gender, need at least seven hours of sleep. Pregnant women need more, especially during the first and third trimesters.

Cut back on TV binging, late-night chores, and even devouring your favorite novel so you can focus more on falling asleep. Ask your partner and support system to help keep you accountable and take things off your plate so you can nap during the day and hit the hay at a decent hour every night.

2. Cut back on caffeine

If you’re pregnant, you should already be cutting back on caffeine consumption, but it’s especially important if you’re struggling with sleep. Follow the March of Dimes’ rule of thumb and limit yourself to 200 mg of caffeine every day, and if you must have caffeine, have it in the morning to give your body enough time to process it before you need to sleep.

3. Get comfy

Your growing belly is adorable but also cumbersome (to put it gently). Towards the end of your pregnancy, your stomach can get as big as a five-pound bag of flour — not exactly what you want to crawl into bed with.

Fortunately, pillows and other supportive products can help you manage your girth at night. Find a support device that works best to take the pressure off your body and help you relax.

4. Eat with your sleep disturbances in mind

Are you up every hour with heartburn? Are you jolted awake by a pang of hunger? It might be time to adjust your diet during the day. Load up on lean proteins and complex carbs to keep you fuller longer, and avoid over-processed, super salty, overly sugary treats to team your stomach acid.

5. Avoid liquids later in the day

Your bladder is already under a lot of pressure, forcing you to hurry to the nearest restroom; you can help reduce the number of nighttime potty breaks by cutting yourself off at night. Instead, get as much hydration as possible during the day and taper off your liquid consumption as the evening approaches.

6. Keep your stress in check

Pregnancy is stressful, and the world doesn’t stop when you find out you’re expecting. Add it all up, and it’s enough to keep you tossing and turning at night.

We know how stress can mount during pregnancy, so we recommend turning to tried-and-true relaxation techniques, such as meditation, pregnancy yoga, spending time with loved ones, and hobbies to take your mind off your worries— even a warm bath before bedtime can go a long way.

Don’t ignore oppressive anxiety and depression. Talk to our team if you feel completely overwhelmed, and we can get you the mental health support you need.

7. Skip the sleeping pills

It may sound counterintuitive, but sleeping pills are not recommended during pregnancy unless you have explicit permission from our team. Sleeping pills can be harmful to you and the baby. Even some supplements and herbs can be problematic, so check with us before you start self-medicating your sleeping problems.

8. Do not wait

Sleep disturbances during pregnancy are common, but they don’t have to have the final say. Speak up at the first sign of lack of sleep so we can get you help soon.

If you have more questions about pregnancy sleep or need help getting more rest, don’t hesitate to request an appointment online or over the phone today at our Marina Del Rey, Hawthorne, South Gate, or Carson, California, office.

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