IUD Myths and Misconceptions – And Why They’re Wrong Every body is different, so not everyone will like the same type of birth control.

IUD Myths and Misconceptions – And Why They’re Wrong

Every body is different, so not everyone will like the same type of birth control. And with so many birth control methods out there, it’s hard to get all the info you need to make the right choice for you. What you can do is sort through the myths and misconceptions so you can make more informed decisions. That’s why we’re busting the top 5 myths about intrauterine devices (IUDs) so you can feel safer with your decision to use them. After all, if gynecologists use them 3x as much as the general population does, they can’t be as bad as the rumors say they are, right?

Check out the top 5 myths about IUDs, below, and why they’re simply not true.

They’re Expensive

If you feel like an IUD is the best decision for your body, know that you do have options when it comes to payments. According to Insider.com, most insurances cover most or all of the cost. Even Medi Cal covers 100% of the cost of the IUD’s. For those that don’t have insurance, Marina ObGyn can issue you a state funded insurance called Family Pack (aka fam pac, aka “the green card insurance”). To apply and qualify for the family pact insurance is as easy as filling out a simple application which includes giving your stated income. The insurance is issued on the spot, is completely confidential from your family members, friends, and everyone else (to ensure easy access for women of ALL AGES to birth control, pap smears and sexually transmitted infection screening).

They Cause Infertility

The World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted so many tests regarding this myth… and the data is conclusive: IUDs are not more likely to cause infertility than other methods of birth control. And if you can’t trust the WHO, then who can you trust?!

They Cause Weight Gain

IUDs such as Skyla, Liletta, Mirena, and Kyleena all release hormones that help prevent pregnancy, may decrease PMS symptoms, and may lighten or stop menstrual bleeding. A common belief is that these hormones can cause weight gain, but that simply isn’t true. Study after study have proven that with use of an IUD but won’t experience any fat gain from your intrauterine device.

They’re Extremely Painful To Put In

This can be true, but at Marina Obgyn this is false. At the hands of caring compassionate obgyn’s like the physicians at Marina ObGyn, pain experienced during placement of an IUD is minimal and many times nonexistent; if local anesthetic is used just prior to placement is administered. According to Dr. Lipeles, “since I began putting local pain medication at the cervix, patients are pleasantly surprised when they don’t even feel me placing the device”. Obviously, everyone has different levels of pain tolerance, and some are likely to “experience” slightly more discomfort than others. So yes, may feel discomfort similar to period cramps, which we all know isn’t ideal. But mild cramps every 5-10 years vs. unplanned pregnancy, crazy PMS symptoms, heavy periods etc., seems like a small trade-off.

They Don’t Stay In Place

Rumor has it these things travel ALL over the place, fall out, prick your lover’s… prick. You get the picture. The truth is that this could happen – to a extremely small amount of people. . According to many studies there’s only about a 1-3% chance of this happening. Studies have shown that if you are the unfortunate 1-3% of the people who have complications from IUD’s, to fix the problem is often as simple, painless 1 minute process to resolve the issue. And yes, your partner MAY feel the strings of your IUD but you can always ask your gyno to trim them.

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